Table Tops

The table top sets the tone of a room whether it is a restaurant, hotel or just a small private corner. Our tables are all of premium quality and durability, and we manufacture many of these tables ourselves in Spartanburg, SC.

What we don’t make ourselves, we purchase in large quantity for quick ship inventory; all of which is inspected, sealed, and modified here as needed to make them a perfect long term solution for your space. Cafe Tables provides high quality quartz & granite table tops, zinc table tops, copper table tops, reclaimed wood table tops, finished solid oak table tops, bamboo table tops, and custom laminate table tops for use throughout the hospitality industry, but also suitable for residential use. Our table tops are perfect for formal dining, coffee shops, pubs, conference rooms, breakfast nooks or just about anywhere.

Quartz and Granite Tables: Cafe Tables natural quartz & granite table tops combine incredible durability with an ease of maintenance and a beauty unmatched by other materials.
Reclaimed and Virgin Wood Tables: We make a number of wood tables here ranging from high end plank tables with metal inlay to our economy line of birch veneer tops that bring a great warm feel to the room for a very affordable price. All of our tops can be specified as distressed and aged or as new and pristine. We do make actual reclaimed wood tops as well and we have a line of bamboo tops. We have a number of standard stains or we can try to match what you have for an added cost. All of our tables receive a two-part polyurethane finish.
Custom Logos: Do you need your logo, favorite poem, or an album cover on your table top? Give us a call. We can make it happen!

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