Table Bases

Whether you are an owner going through a restaurant renovation or an interior designer that has a specific idea of what you want, we are here to answer your questions about table bases. We stock a wide variety of table bases here in Spartanburg, SC so that we can get you what you want when you want it.

We stock stainless steel table bases, bolt down table bases, vintage bistro table bases, outdoor table bases and your every day utility bases. Choosing the right table base is not always straight forward. Check the Specification page for each base to be sure that the base you are picking is appropriate for the size table top that you have. If you have any questions, give us a call and we will confirm your table top size and base pairings.

Our vintage table bases, or bistro table bases, bring the intrinsic feel of a timeless café or patisserie to your space. These are just great looking bases and fit in as well in a vineyard’s tasting room as they do in an Irish pub or a coffee shop. All of our vintage bases come with a durable powder coat finish that is a deep textured black. They pop but they are not overly shiny. Most come in either standard dining height, counter height or bar height.

Our stainless steel table bases are made from 304 brushed stainless steel and are some of our most robust bases. We have a broad selection of chrome, stainless steel and cast aluminum table bases that are all suited for use as restaurant tables, pub tables or cafe tables. Stainless steel table bases provide the subtle touch of high fashion and yet can be used in the most extreme environments.

Bolt down table bases provide an extremely clean environment under the table and in your restaurant. The bolt down table base is bolted to the floor so that hard sought after “look” of your restaurant will never change. Our bolt down table bases come in both a powder coat black and stainless steel. We stock these bases in both dining height and bar height but we can cut them to any height you need.

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