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Looking for affordable, quality outdoor furniture for your restaurant or business? We’ve got you covered! Choosing outdoor tables or outdoor chairs is often determined by a cast of the die. At Café Tables we have a limited selection of outdoor patio furniture, all of which will hold up to the test of time, commercial use, and the elements.

Our specialty, granite bistro tables, were formed by nature under high temperatures and pressure; they are certain to be there for your children or children’s children. The quartz, while man made, is made from granite dust and epoxy. It too will out last us as owners. We sell both aluminum and stainless steel table bases for outdoor use. The 304 stainless steel used in our products is perfect for use in all, but the most stringent environments. If your patio bar is ocean front then you might want to consider a cast aluminum base with a powder coat finish. Salt environments are more difficult than poolside and need to be treated a little differently. We also stock a number of synthetic table tops that are light weight and will not fade in the sunlight. If you are carrying your tables in every night then you may need flip top nesting table bases so your tables can be stored inside, in a smaller space. Similarly, our outdoor bistro chairs are all stacking chairs and are light weight. The fabrics used in our chairs are made of textilene rather than pvc. They withstand the sun better and are more comfortable and more durable than many of the pvc chairs that are in the market. We realize that some designers or architects need a specific look that is not quite what we stock. In that case, we have many wholesale chair partnerships that allow us better pricing than the average restaurateur has access to. We add a marginal markup to those wholesale prices enabling you to save money and time by purchasing through us.

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