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24" round$540.00$437.40$334.80
24" X 24"$559.00$452.79$346.58
24" X 30"$575.00$465.75$356.50
30" round$635.00$514.35$393.70
30" X 30"$762.00$617.22$472.44
30" X 48"$1254.00$1015.74$777.48
30" X 72"$1497.00$1212.57$928.14
36" round$837.00$677.97$518.94


Brass Table Tops: Brass is a natural metal that is antimicrobial. Meaning it kills a number of microbes such as norovirus, some strains of E. coli, and coronaviruses—including COVID-19. Zinc, copper and brass are reactive metals that will continue to age over time. Oils and acids will change the surface. The brass will oxidize over time creating a greenish patina, creating a one of a kind table top. Because zinc, copper and brass are soft materials, these tops are prone to light scratches. Eventually the patina will cover and blend all scratches and blemishes. If you’re looking for an eye-catching pub table, wine table, coffee table, dining table, or restaurant table, these are the ticket!

Cafe Tables provides high quality quartz & granite table tops, pre-patina zinc table tops, copper table tops, brass table tops, reclaimed wood table tops, finished solid oak table tops, bamboo table tops, and custom laminate table tops for use throughout the hospitality industry. Our table tops are perfect for formal dining, coffee shops, pubs, conference rooms, breakfast nooks or just about anywhere. The table top sets the tone of a room whether it is a restaurant, hotel or just a small private corner. The finished table top ties the myriad elements of a room together. The table base can bring a sense of completeness to the look and feel or it can simply fade away while still bringing the necessary stability to the table. Please browse through our many table top and table base options. At Cafe Tables, we want to help you find the right balance for your particular needs.

*Table bases sold separately.

Thickness 1.5
Edge Detail eased edge
Weight ~7lbs per sqft
Lead Time 4-6 weeks
Material 70/30 cartridge brass

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24" round, 24" X 24", 24" X 30", 30" round, 30" X 30", 30" X 48", 30" X 72", 36" round