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Two tops? Four tops? Lots of questions!

Maybe you’ve overheard a hostess say “Let’s put this family at the four-top” or “That couple would be perfect for the two-top in the corner.” It seems pretty obvious, right? A two-top is for two people and a four-top is for four people. For table construction enthusiasts such as ourselves, these terms spark a few questions.


Two-tops are ideal in the standard bistro, deli or pub setting. Pretty much any place that is going to serve one plate and one drink per person. Dimensionally speaking, these tables are round or square, and 24 inches in diameter or length/width (square). If you have a long, narrow space, you might want a 21×28 inch top.

If you are serving two people, but need room for a more formal dining service (with multiple stemware, butter dishes, etc.) then a two-top is 24×30 inches. This also applies if you need room for serving platters.


A four-top accommodates three to four people, with one plate and one drink per person. They are either round or square and 30 inches in diameter or length/width (square).

A more formal service for four people would mean your four-top should be 36 inches round; or, if square, 34×34 inches or 30×48 inches.

What do you need?

For residential use, a 30 inch round is great for a breakfast nook where two people might want to spread out, read the paper and have breakfast. It’s big enough, however, that you can still push four people in if you need to. Same is true for a church youth area.

You can feed four at a 30 inch top, but you can also have space for two kids to spread out their homework or do a project. Check out this article for more information on table top sizes and their functionality.

What would we ask you?

When creating a custom table project, we’ll ask you a few questions:

  • How big is the area you want to put the table in?
  • How many people do you want to seat at it?
  • What will its main purpose be (breakfast nook, dining table, etc.)?

If you’re ready to get started, let us know! Visit our custom table page here or contact us.