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Margate 4 Grande CA

vintage martgate 4 grande cast aluminum outdoor table base at dining height
vintage martgate 4 grande cast aluminum outdoor table base at dining height
outdoor vintage margate grande base parts

Margate 4 Grande CA


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This Italian style outdoor base is a simple, cast aluminum table base. The Margate 4 Grande CA supports tops up to 60″ in diameter. Perfect for your dining space, an office, or a back porch. The eclectic style combines stability and structure to offer a new twist on the typical vintage style base. The Margate 4 Grande CA is only available in dining height (28.5″ tall). This is a great choice for your sidewalk café, patio or poolside seating areas. Our outdoor table base selection of stainless steel table bases and cast aluminum table bases are all suitable for sidewalk cafes or patio spaces.

How to Size the Table Base: Choosing the right table base is not always straight forward so we have provided sizing tables for each base style on their respective specification pages. If you need help in selecting a particular style base for a specific top size then please call us at (844) 678-5705 to discuss your needs. We are always happy to help!

Finish black semigloss
Weight 25lbs
Lead Time 2-3 days
Material cast aluminum
Supports Top Sizes (Round or Square) up to 60" diameter
Base Spread 34in
Top Plate Size 27in

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Weight50 lbs