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Wood Backing – 15×15

Wood Backing – 15×15


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Wood Backing - 15x15$25.00$25.00$25.00


The 15 inch wood backing is a piece of exterior grade MDF board that is glued to the underside of our granite table tops. The backing will not be visible unless you are under the table. Although some customers would prefer to just rest their table top onto their table base we recommend attaching the table top to the table base. The wood backing is used to attach the table base to the table top to prevent the top from wobbling or tipping over. We ship out self tapping wood screws to make assembly easy. The size of the backing we glue on depends on the size of the table top and top plate to the table base that the customer orders. If you need a specific size backing please give us a call at the toll free number listed below.

How to Size the Table Base: Choosing the right table base is not always straight forward so we have provided sizing tables for each base style on their respective specification pages. If you need help in selecting a particular style base for a specific top size then please call us at (844) 678-5705 to discuss your needs. We are always happy to help!

Thickness 3/4
Weight 5lbs
Lead Time 1-3 days
Material Exterior Grade MDF Board

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Weight5 lbs