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Choosing the Right Table Base

When looking for a table base that will best suit what you need be sure to keep a few things in mind; space, style and height. Start by looking at the space where you’re going to put the table(s). Will there be enough room? How much seating will you need? You’re going to want a base that is sturdy enough to support your table top, but also has enough room for chairs to slide under and your patrons to sit comfortably. Keep the size of your table top in mind as well. You don’t want to buy a large table top and use a base that can’t support it properly.

Not all table bases work with every table top. This is where the style of the base factors in. If you want a round table top, a round base would be best. Cross bases are great for square tables. For long tables, or ADA tables (see our ADA guidelines), two t-style bases would be the way to go. You want to make sure your table won’t wobble when a patron puts weight on it.

The height is also something to take into consideration. Here at Café Tables, we have three standard heights: dining (28.5”), counter (34.5”) and bar (40.5”), with custom heights available upon request. The taller the table, the more support you’re going to need for your base bottom. You’re also going to need to make sure the table base column won’t flex with the weight from the table top. Buying a table can seem daunting, but the information provided can make your purchase easier.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

close up of decorative vintage pieta base bottom

Our table bases are easy to maintain. Indoor table bases will need to be blown out or wiped down every so often. Outdoor table bases may need some more care and attention. When the table base is exposed to elements it can cause rusting. Simple fix! If it’s cast iron, just touch it up with black matte spray paint. If you’ve purchased a chrome or stainless steel base, just wipe clean with vinegar and a very soft cloth.