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About Cafe Tables, Inc

Cafe Tables, Inc
Welcome to the first ever Cafe Tables blog post! We’ve decided to put our heads together and provide you with tips, information, new designs, and much more. If anything new is happening in our shop, you’ll know about it here. Oh, and of course social media. It is 2018 after all!

Get to know us
Cafe Tables was established in 2005 by the owner, Ed Miles. We are a small business located in Spartanburg, SC. We specialize in restaurant furnishings such as table tops, table bases, and seating. Cafe Tables is operated out of an 8000 square foot shop/warehouse where we design, build, store, and ship our products. All sales are managed out of a small office within the warehouse (you can see our office windows in some of the images below).  If you are looking for a warm interior dining area or better use of your sidewalk seating area, this is where you need to shop. We can help you determine exactly what you need and then either make or source the entire job for you. We stock a good bit of product but also make custom tops and bar stools. We are starting to create work with logos on wood, metal and stone. We are hoping to add custom logo signs and wall art in the near future. Be on the lookout for more to come!

Our specialty
Cafe Tables specializes in cafe, bistro style tables. Where do you think the name came from? 😉 We make table tops for restaurants, hotels, businesses, homes, and more. Our table tops are made from granite, oak, zinc, copper, bamboo and laminate. We even make a scorched pine table top. All tops are fabricated in Spartanburg, SC. We also have table bases in stock that pair perfectly with our table tops. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, Cafe Tables has a custom shop page where you can get ideas or just call and lets talk through your needs.  Because we are a small shop, we can guarantee that every one of our customers will get detailed personal attention. We want to know what your needs are and then help you to be certain that you are getting exactly the right things.

Our staff is here to help with the whole process of furnishing your restaurant or home space, whether by phone or email. We ship all over the United States and Canada. Our knowledge of restaurant furniture and design, great selection and prices make us a great place to call early in the design concept. We hope to hear from you. Keep an eye out on our Cafe Tables blog for new product, new designs, and any updates we may have for you! Until next time!