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36 inch round granite top with Tango base

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36 inch round granite top with Tango base - $ Per Base
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36 inch round granite top with Tango base

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Product Description: Natural quartz tops and granite tops stand above all other table top choices as durable sanitary, and beautiful. They are also easier to maintain than a marble top because they are less porous and will not hold onto food, dirt, etc. They can be cleaned with a solution as simple as soap and water. Our quartz and granite tops are ideal for indoor or outdoor use. The Tango vintage disk base is 19" in diameter. The cast iron column makes this table base perfect for a bistro table with a granite or any other heavy top. Available in three heights. For free quotes or questions please call (864) 659-0809.

36 inch round granite top with Tango base
Product specifications
Weight 170.00
Lead Time* 2-3 days
Finish textured black matte base
Material granite top, Cast iron table base
Column Diameter 3-5"
Spread at Base 19"
Mounting Plate 36 inches
Glides adjustable nylon
Supports Top Sizes (Round or Square)** 11"x11"
* Most orders can be rushed without additional charge. Lead time is from time of payment. Stock is held only with payment.
** Bar Height Tables require a larger base. The largest size top supported for dining height should not be used for bar height. Please call or email if you need assistance in sizing your bases.