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30 inch round granite top with Emiline base

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30 inch round granite top with Emiline base - $ Per Base
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30 inch round granite top with Emiline base

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Product Description: Natural quartz tops and granite tops stand above all other table top choices as durable sanitary, and beautiful. They are also easier to maintain than a marble top because they are less porous and will not hold onto food, dirt, etc. They can be cleaned with a solution as simple as soap and water. Our quartz and granite tops are ideal for indoor or outdoor use. The Emiline is a classic vintage base for restaurant use. This base brings old world elegance with tremendous strength. This base has a very durable black textured powder coat finish. The robustness of this pedestal base makes it a good choice for solid granite tops. Available in three heights. For questions or a free quote, call us at (844) 678-5705.

30 inch round granite top with Emiline base
Product specifications
Weight 135.00
Lead Time* 2-3 days
Finish textured black matte base
Material granite top, Cast iron table base
Column Diameter 3-5"
Spread at Base
Mounting Plate 30"
Glides adjustable nylon
Supports Top Sizes (Round or Square)** 11"x11"
* Most orders can be rushed without additional charge. Lead time is from time of payment. Stock is held only with payment.
** Bar Height Tables require a larger base. The largest size top supported for dining height should not be used for bar height. Please call or email if you need assistance in sizing your bases.