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Premium Disk Base

The premium disk base has a clean cast bottom with a black textured finish. These bases are heavy by themselves but have optional additional weights that can be added for particularly heavy granite tops or for high traffic areas.

14 inch Premium Disk Base

14 inch Premium Disk Base



Supports tops: 18"-24"

17 inch Premium Disk Base

17 inch Premium Disk Base



Supports tops: 24"-30"

22 inch Premium Disk Base

22 inch Premium Disk Base



Supports tops: 36"-42"


Choose the right Base

VINTAGE TABLE BASES: Vintage table bases, or bistro bases, bring the intrinsic feel of a timeless café or bistro to your space. These pedestal bases are solid cast iron and therefore can support the heaviest of natural quartz or granite tops. A vintage table base will imbue your sidewalk café or coffee shop with a handsome old world feel.

CONTEMPORARY TABLE BASES: Browse through our selection of contemporary table bases. We have a broad selection of chrome bases, stainless steel bases, and cast aluminum table bases. All of which are suited for use in restaurants, pubs, or hotels.

UTILITY TABLE BASES: Cross bases and Disk bases are the work horses of the restaurant industry. Both the Cross and the Economy bases provide economic solutions for your restaurant. Choose the Premium Disk base for extra stability.

BOLT DOWN TABLE BASES: Bolt down table bases provide an extremely clean environment under the table and in your restaurant. The bases are bolted to the floor so that the hard sought after “look” of your restaurant will never change.

HOw to size your base

How to Size the Table Base: Choosing the right table base is not always straight forward so we have provided sizing tables for each base style on their respective specification pages. If you need help in selecting a particular style base for a specific top size then please call us at (844) 678-5705 to discuss your needs. We are always happy to help!