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Quartz & Granite Tops

Carrera White quartz provides the classic look of marble without the physical shortcomings of scratching, staining, and etching. Natural quartz tops and granite tops stand above all other table top choices as durable sanitary, and beautiful. They are also easier to maintain than a marble top because they are less porous and will not hold onto food, dirt, etc. They can be cleaned with a solution as simple as soap and water. Our quartz and granite tops are ideal for indoor or outdoor use. For questions or a free quote, call us at (844) 678-5705.

Quartz & Granite Tops - $ Per Top **
  Order Quantity *
Size 1-2 3-10 11+
21" x 28" $220 $176 $154
24" Round or Square $220 $176 $154
24" x 30" $225 $180 $157.50
30" Round or Square $258 $206.40 $180.60
34"x34" $291 $232.80 $203.70
36" Round $330 $264 $231
30"x48" $363 $290.40 $254.10
*Add 15% for all Quartz, Absolute Black and Galaxy White
**Quantity Price Breaks are based on the total number of tables ordered, regardless of size. For example, if you order three tables each of different sizes, your price for each table will be in the 3-10 column.

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* tablebases sold separately

Product specifications
Thickness 3/4" Solid Granite or Carrera White Quartz
Finish Polished
Edge Detail Square with bevelled top and bottom edge
Weight ~12 pounds per square foot
Lead Time If in stock, 7-10 days or call for rush
Minimum Order 1
*All of our stone tables are made from solid 3/4" granite or quartz. Edges are square with a slight chamfer on top and bottom. The chamfered edge allows tables to be pushed together for additional seating space. All corners are rounded. Unless specified otherwise, we laminate a small piece of exterior grade MDF to the bottom of the table for easy base attachment.