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Table Assemblies: Table assemblies are our gift to you, the customer. We have expertly paired our granite tops with a variety of bases for your convenience. No hassles with figuring out what size top can fit on the base or visa versa. Find the table style you like and simply choose which color granite suits your space. Feel free to call with any questions (844) 678-5705.

Sale Items: Check our sale item page for great deals on high quality products such as granite tops and cast iron bases.

Slightly Blemished Clearing House: Sometimes we get granite that comes in with color variations that look abnormal, other times we have tops that are slightly scratched or small chips. We compile all of these imperfect table tops into our slightly blemished clearing house so that you, the customer, can get an excellent deal on a table that is still beautiful. Not all imperfections are immediately visible to the naked eye and photographs are taken so that you can see the blemish on your table. Meaning it may be at an odd angle, or there may be a severe glare on the rest of the top because of the way the lighting needed to be situated to expose the imperfection. Please call with any questions, we are always happy to help (844) 678-5705.



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