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The table top sets the tone of a room whether it is a restaurant, hotel or just a small private corner. The finished top ties the myriad elements of a room together. The table base can bring a sense of completeness to the look and feel or it can simply fade away while still bringing the necessary stability to the table. At Cafe Tables, Inc we want to help you find the right balance for your particular needs.

Granite Table Tops: Cafe Tables' natural granite tables combine incredible durability with an ease of maintenance and a beauty unmatched by manmade materials. Natural granite stands above all other table top choices as durable, sanitary and beautiful. With in-stock colors and patterns to complement any decor and unsurpassed usability, granite is the natural choice for your restaurant or cafe tables.

Bamboo Table Tops: Bamboo Tables are made from a naturally renewable resource and they provide both a naturally warm surface. Bamboo is a renewable resource that can be grown without the use of chemical pesticides and it can be harvested within five years and meets LEED MRc6 specifications for rapidly renewable materials. Our bamboo tops are a naturally hard material with a beautiful polyurethane finish. These tops are made from eight layers of cross ply bamboo that provide both an incredible structure as well as a very intricate edge detail.

Oak Butcher Block Table Tops: Our Oak butcher block table tops are made from solid 1-1/2" oak. The tops are made from kiln dried, 1-1/2" x 1-1/4" wide pieces of random length oak that are plained and face glued. The post catilzed polyurethane finish warm glow with a durability for commercial use. The solid oak tops are availble in Natural, Cherry, Dark Mahogany and Dark Walnut stains.

Wood Edge Table Tops: Hard wood edges can be provided on table tops with either a wood veneer or laminate top. Wood edge tops have the look of a solid wood table with some degree of cost savings due to a less expensive partical board interior. Since the top surface can be made from a variety of wood veneers or from any laminate, they offer a tremendous variety of interesting and unique styles. These tops are all custom made here in the United States.

Laminate Table Tops: Laminate table tops have been around since the 1950s, many of them are still in use. Laminate tops provide an economical table top with a very durable care free surface. Laminates have evolved to include many beautiful and varied designs. All of our tops are custom made here in the United States. We can provide laminates from any of the larger laminate suppliers including WilsonArt, Pionite, Nevamar and Formica. Laminate tops can be made either with a "self edge" laminate or with a more durable PVC T-mold edge. We can also make laminate tops with an aluminum edge.

How to size your table tops and bases

How to Size the Table Base: Choosing the right table base is not always straight forward so we have provided sizing tables for each base style on their respective specification pages. if you need help in selecting a particular style base for a specific top size then please call us to discuss your needs.

How to Size your Table Tops for the Service You Provide: One of the restraurateur's first dilemnas is how do I size my tables to get the best use of my space? We want to seat as many people as possible in the space provided while still having space at and around the table for a pleasant dining experience. Our restaurant table sizing page gives many insights on how to get the most money out of your space while providing an dining experience that will make your customers want to come back again and again.